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Well I was planning to post yesterday and life got in the way and I am later than I planned for posting today (life again) but at last I have time to post (hooray). So lets find out what weird, twisted and confusing things people typed into a search engine, to bring them to this blog.

wife spanks/blog
Did the blog enjoy it?

please spank my bottom behind butt – Butt what? butt what!

a pictorial history of the spanked bottom – Now that would be a great coffee table book to have.

mistress who sold off her male subs stories – No Mistress that I would go to.

crave pain spanking daily fetish – Yes, the craving and the fetish are there all day, every day.

headmistress punishes boys using cornertime – Cornertime! Ugh! no fair, safeword!

kink calculator how many swats implement – I want one!

northren spanking brats – Not only misspelling but also confusing your spanking vid producers, tut, tut.

s_it=hf_aolbb_cl_ws_registered&q=pixie wells&rp= – someone actually typed that?

husband been fitted with chastity device – Not on this blog.

archive showing of margaret dick making a lochgelly tawse – if I could find that clip (and I did search for it after seeing this) I would post it.

copper spanking art – Is this spanking art from police officers?

crafters who make spanking paddles – Give me time, it is bound to happen and when it does it will be posted 🙂

Enjoy, Prefectdt

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  1. >As always, you made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

  2. >A kink calculator – how nerdy!Those are good ones. Thanks for sharing.Hugs,Hermione

  3. >It's fun collecting these, nice to see that they make others happy too.Prefectdt


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