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>Goodbyeeee, Spankful Delight – Max Mosely On The Radio – Mood Pictures – Some New Books – Earning A Spanking On TV


Goodbyeeee Spankful Delight

It is with great regret that I announce that Spankful Delight has not been posted on for six months now and so is going off the second blog roll. Purple angel used to be a very active poster and in her time, was one of my favourite bloggers. If you have the time to spare I thoroughly recommend having a little dig through the archives of this blog. Farewell Spankful Delight and best of luck for the future Purple Angel.

Max Mosley Interview

Thanks to Adele Haze for spotting this one. BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program had a very interesting interview with Mr Mosley and his views on the right to privacy. you can listen to the interview by clicking through to THIS POST.

News about Mood Pictures

Ludwig of LUDWIG’S ROHRSTOCK-PALAST has been in contact with Pedro, one of the main men at Mood pictures, you can read more about this in this post Mood Pictures Raided By Police. It sheds a little more light about what is going on but things are still hard to see. It does look like we have seen the end of the Mood group of websites though.

A Free E-Book from Tasha Lee

Thanks to Mitch of All Things Spanking for posting about this in this post Hot Crossed Buns is out. The very hot Tasha Lee, of Bum Rap Productions has written a “how to” book. This book is available for free, for a limited time, as a downloadable E-Book. To get it follow this link, and fill in the form, you will then be emailed a link and an identity and password and can get the book for free, on your computer. I have downloaded this but have not had the chance to read it yet, I might review it at a later date.

A new book from Abel

Abel of The Spanking Writers has had a new book published. You can read more about it from this post Abel’s book – “The Punishment List” – out now! or order it direct from THIS LINK.

How guys can earn a spanking on TV

This one has been all over YouTube and an Australian banker, who is seen in the back ground of a news presentation viewing porn, has managed to keep his job, as it turns out that he was the victim of a practical joke. Well that is no excuse! I think that him and the perpetrator should be spanked live on the news channel by THIS VERY COMPETENT AUSTRALIAN LADY. The rise in ratings should make up for their trespasses 🙂

The crime in action


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  1. >I liked that video of the banker reading naughty email. And too bad about Spankful Delight. I used to read her blog.Thanks for sharing.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >That video must have given the network a lot of new viewers, it has been massive on YouTube.I hate doing "Goodbyeeees" at the best of times but when it is for someone like Purple Angel it is very hard. Some of her posts really struck a cord.Prefectdt


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