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>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Erin Grey – A Hiatus Repost


I chose to repost this potential female spanker because, like all pubescent, heterosexual boys, I had to have my first crush on someone and count myself lucky that it was Ms Grey and not one of my mates mothers, like some unfortunates that I knew. Originally from This Post.

Erin Grey

Erin Grey

A Woman who should be spanking men or at least she should have been in the Late 70’s and early 80’s. During my early teenage years with hormones raging and not understanding why nobody else seemed to share the obsession that filled me to the very marrow, upon our TV screens appeared this lady in”Buck Rogers In The 25th Century” as Colonel Wilma Deering. Radiating beauty she played a military officer of senior rank who not only flew space fighters but also wore a tight white uniform when on duty but even more revealing clothing during her off duty hours. So she filled one young boys head with fantasies that will never be revealed, long live the days of lip gloss, lycra and spandex.
Ms Grey was born in Honolulu and spent her childhood there and in California, she started her life of fame as a model before becoming an actress. Now she is still to be seen at sci fi conventions and I am reliably informed that although she is in her mid fifties she is still a very handsome woman.


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