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>The Difference Between Tops And Bottoms – A Hiatus Repost


I always thought that this post from October 2007 was a nice little illustration of the fun that you can have with photo editing software.

Scientist have developed two machines that when connected to the brains of CP or BDSM players can produce the same stimulation as playing without actually playing.

Originally they wanted to develop one machine but found that, due to differences between tops an bottoms, this was not possible.

The difference between Tops and Bottoms

OK as a bottom I can admit to being little complex sometimes.


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  1. >I think that might be the picture from a dom(me)'s point of view. From this sub's experiences, the dom is the complicated one. All he has to do is follow the clearly-laid out guidelines I have provided, and all will be well.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >I have to admit to being pretty complicated sometimes though, especially when I am feeling pain slutty.Prefectdt


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