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>Men Who Have Earned A Spanking – A Hiatus Repost – And Some News From Radha


News from Radha

Normally I would put this in the Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup but there will not be one this weekend. So I thought that I would pass on the good news that Rahda of Radha Sutra has had her baby and tells about it in this post She’s Here!.

This post is one of my favorites from the Men who have earned a spanking series, especially the clip at the end. The original post is linked HERE.

Here’s a few guys who have definitely earned a seriously harsh spanking.

An old classic
but it is good to imagine what all these ladies would do with
This guy’s sorry ass

I hope she has a cane in her wardrobe
This bloke should get a stripy butt before breakfast

A budding glamour photographer?
Or a perv who should get bent over that bonnet for what he deserves from this lady?

And finally
It only took me forever to work out how to get this clip from YouTube but it was worth it. I’m not sure what country this is from but I hope they have a wealth of female disciplinarians there because here is a whole basket full of men earning a good bottom whupping.
(Love the music though)

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