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Daily Archives: February 27, 2010

>Spankee Hero – T.E. Lawrence – A Hiatus Repost


THIS POST was written in my first month of blogging and is about one of the great icons of the spanking world.

From time to time I hope to write about my spankee heroes and heroins both contemporary and historical. This is the first.

Thomas Edward Lawrence AKA Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence was often described as suffering from a “flagellation disorder” as a result of his torture and rape during his time of captivity at Deraa. However evidence has shown that before this he used to write letters to himself from a fictional Uncle, describing violations that he had committed back in Britain, giving him excuses to be beaten for these imagined offenses by his own men during the Arab Revolt.

During the 1920’s he paid a man called John Bruce to birch him and was known to attend flagellation parties in Chelsea (London) run by a German who is only known by the name of Bluebeard.

Lawrence was well decorated for his efforts having The Order of the Bath, the Distinguished Service Order, and the Legion D’Honnour. He was recommended for the Victoria Cross but this was not awarded and was offered the Knight Commander of the British Empire but he refused this honour.

Lawrence was many things, a graduate of Oxford University, an Archaeologist, a Leader of Armies, a Diplomat, an Author, a Translator, a Biker and amongst all these things he was a Spanko.