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Monthly Archives: March 2010

>Easter Devil Whippings In El Salvador

>Easter gets off to a very interesting start in the Central American country of El Salvador. To start off the celebrations, every year, pantomime style devils roam the streets whipping people for their sins (all in good fun of coarse) and by the looks of the action in the following two clips, they don’t hold back. I have only one complaint about this. There does seem to be a lack of “She Devils”, not only does this seem sexist, on the devil equal employment front but the tourist industry in the area would probably get a huge boost, from people flying in to celebrate Easter, if there were a few She Devils roaming the streets handing out whippings. Please enjoy the clips of this event.

Devils in trainers

More devil whippings

The BBC also have a small article on this that can be reached through THIS LINK.


>Moody Music In Latex – And Late Posting Due To Sickness

>Just got back from the saw bones, I am a bit under the weather but nothing major to worry about, just some sort of viral infection. The instructions are to take the pills and avoid human contact for a couple of days (so as not to spread the lurgy) and all should be well again soon. As a consequence I have not had much chance to think up a post for today, so I thought that I would show you this clip of a hot Dommy looking latex clad song mistress, pelting out some dark and moody music. MMMMMMM! Kinky sounds.

Hot Military Style Latex Singer


>A Few Goodbyeeees – Two New Blogs – Moving A Blog – And A Word From Our Sponsors


Some Goodbyeeees

I have decided to clear out the dormant blogs list a little. All the blogs that I am saying fare well to today are blogs that I held in high regard, so please say a big and heartfelt goodbyeeee to…..

Filth Overdrive
Kinky Farm Wife
Spanked Hubby By Another Name
and Spkrbryan’s Blog

Good luck with whatever you are doing now guys and feel free to drop by any time you want.

Two new blogs for the rolls

Male Submission Art – A blog from Maymay, a bisexual submissive with an eye for artistic images of male submission.

Not Quite What I Had In Mind – A blog from Recidavist about his life and philosophies from the receiving end.

Moving a blog

I’m not sure what happened to The Hunteress’ Domain and whether it will be back or not, so for now it is being moved to the Dormant Blogs List.

[Post Update]

I have found the new address of this blog but it is not up and running there yet but it is at a temporary blogger address. It will be put back on the second roll at the temporary address which is

A Word From Our Sponsor
Do you suffer from Dominatrix’s wrist?


>Thought For The Week

>Well if any other bottoms or subs out there have switched, expecting to get a whupping in return and then been disappointed, then they will concur with this weeks Thought For The Week.

Those who deny spanking to others deserve it not for themselves.

[Source – converted from a saying by Abraham Lincoln]


>Blog Calendar – April Page


The April page

Spring is springing the birds are building nests and here in this little corner of Northern Europe we have our usual spring weather, rain. It is raining now but we have had some nice weather here. All this means that it must time for the April page of the blog calendar. This months image comes from the French photography image site RED CHARLES and shows a simple but evocative OTK spanking image.

As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and slip one inside an Easter egg to see who is lucky enough to get it in the hunt.

If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


>Some Sexist Humour Photos

>These are terrible, I should be spanked for posting them (applications welcome), they are totally sexist attempts at humour, one of them is even sexist against male office workers. Shame on me!
But I wanted to post tonight and I have not much time to put a post together and although they are theoretically the type of humorous image that I am against, they are still funny, goddammit 🙂

I wondered what use they are for

Yep! Suddenly I do

I wanna work in her office not his

They call it “the Gspot mouse” but would not “the clitoris mouse” be more appropriate?

Enjoy, Prefectdt