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>Plant Clips, Testing A Pervertable – A Hiatus repost


I must say that I did not enjoy doing the practical research for this post at all. I am reposting it as an illustration of how much I am prepared to suffer, to get new material for this blog 🙂
Original post HERE.

Before I start this post I would just like to say that putting cloths pegs and suchlike on my skin is not my type of thing. I did this in the pure light of (a lot of) pain and discomfort for the readers of this blog, with no high or turn on for myself.

Testing plant clips

Many people use cloths pegs on the skin as part of play, when I saw these for sale they seemed to be a far more esthetically pleasing alternative and at a couple of Euros a bag they are not likely to break the bank. As you can see I purchased two different sizes to try. The business end has some nasty looking serrations and the holding force is provided by a circular spring. These are available from most garden supply outlets.

Note:- The writing in italics is taken from notes made at the time of testing.

The comparative test

For this part of the post it was decided to test the two different sizes of plant clip against both wooden and plastic plant pegs. I applied two of each to my fore arm for a period of twenty minutes.

After the pegs where applied I made the following notes.

The least pain full are the small plant clips, the large plant clips and the plastic pegs are about the same pain level, the wooden pegs are the most painful.

After 10 minutes.

The wooden pegs are noticeably painful, the rest are irritating, the whole of my forearm has become itchy.

At the end of 20 minutes the pegs where pulled off without opening the ends.

small plant clips – not too bad. Large plant clips – a bit ouchy. Plastic pegs – about the same as the large clips. The wooden pegs – Aaarg!


Comparatively the wooden clothes pegs produce the most pain while on and being removed. The Large plant clips and the plastic clothes pegs where surprisingly similar and the serrated grip seems to make no difference. The small plant clips are the mildest of the group and for this reason and because I am a beginner at this type thing I decided to choose these for a more intense and personal test.

The second test
Small plant clips meet scrotum

For this part of the test I decide to attach 12 small plant clips to my scrotum for a period of an hour, with three tasks to complete while wearing them. While attaching the clips my inexperience with this type of play showed itself, I put the clips in a fringe around the bottom of my scrotum, shortly after the attachment was made, the scrotum retracted in some kind self defense reaction and the pegs ended up around the base of my penis. Still they where on and they where staying on so I replaced my underwear and jeans and continued the exercise. Again notes made at the time are in italic script.

took photos, can definitely feel the presence of the clips but the pain is not to bad.
Put on underwear and jeans, increased pressure on the clips is causing some pain and bending down is difficult.

Task one, watching TV

The first 20 minutes was to be spent watching TV.

Sitting is hellish hard but once settled the pain reduced to a sharp ache.
Movement when sitting is found to be unwise.
End of the 20 minutes – pain very sharp and intense now breathing deeply helps a little.

Task two, Washing up

The next 20 minutes was to be spent washing as much cutlery, pans, etc as I could manage.

Standing and walking (slowly) eases the pain a little but bending down to retrieve my dropped pen introduced me to a new kind of blinding hell.
Managed to finish the washing up. Standing is better than sitting but the pain is very harsh now.

Task three, spending time at the computer

Sitting in an upright chair in front of the computer is too much pain, decide to work standing at the computer after less than one minutes sitting.
15 minutes before the end of the test – Removed jeans and underpants this helped relieve the growing pain a little.
After managing to write 2 replies to comments on the blog I gave up and surfed other blogs, 8 minutes before the end of the test I could no longer even manage that, the pain was so great – Every second is a living hell now I tried a little self hand spanking to take my mind off of the pain, at impact it helped but it caused the pegs to jiggle and increase the pain afterwards.
After that I just leaned on my desk and sweated out the last few minutes.

Removing the clips

The clips where not ripped off but carefully opened and pulled off, as I did not want to risk damaging my scrotum. This was the most painful thing of all and I can describe it in one word, OHMYGODA-
The pain lessened pretty quickly but I could still feel some aching for several hours afterwards.


Even the small plant clips produced a painful experience over a period of time and the larger ones where just as painful as plastic pegs but for those seeking the highest pain level from the four items tried here, wooden pegs are the way to go. The plant clips are better looking than clothes pegs though.

Personal conclusion

I like the sensation of strike pain and not the grinding aching pain of this type of toy. I have never tried this type of play with a Top or Domme but I suspect even then that I may find it not to be to my taste.

Prefectdt (limping a little)

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  1. >That's a very interesting study. I've never seen plant clips like those. The larger ones look like jar openers. But I must look for them in the stack of gardening catalogues we have. For use in the garden, NOT for play. I don't think I'd care for it at all, but I'll probably look at my clothespins differently when it is warm enough to hang out the laundry.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >The clips are designed so that the gripy part can be attached to a garden cane, leaving a nice loose circle to go around the plant stem, without crushing it. For garden use these clips are good for supporting soft stems, such as can be found on herbaceous plants and newer stems of shrubs. They work well for this.I think that I will stick to using them in the garden from now on :-)Prefectdt


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