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>A New Blog For The Rolls – The Return Of Purple Angel – The Huntress Domain? – A Forum Gone – And I Want To Watch This Show

My apologies for the delay in this week’s roundup but as the old excuse say’s (that no Top that I have ever known has ever excepted), better late than never.

A New blog for the rolls

Chelsea’s Journal – I have tried to add this before but could not get a direct link, but now, the wonderfully hot, Chelsea Pfeiffer has moved her blog onto a WordPress base, a direct link is possible (dribbles).

An old cyber friend returns

Spankful delight – I thought that Purple Angel had given up on her blog but it turns out that she has been coping with some very serious problems. Welcome back and I hope things are on the up now.

What happened to The Huntress domain?

The blog and indeed the whole website of Cassie Hunter seems to have disappeared but the not found message say’s that the server and not the website is not there. So the question remains, Is Miss Hunter still out there, in cyberia? any information welcome.

The forum of Mitch, from All Things Spanking, has tuned out to be a no go and so will be removed from the list.

I want to see this show

Nathan Fillion has appeared on this blog before, asking for a spanking but an episode of his latest show, Castle, shows that his partner in crime solving has a kinky side too.

The Trailer

A snippet

When is this coming to Belgian TV?


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