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>The Erotica Show, Antwerp (Mega Erotica Beurs) – The Steel Moon Shows

>Over the weekend I visited the Mega Erotica Beurs, at the Expo (exhibition center) in Antwerp. The show was very worth visiting. I thought that I would feature elements of the show in photographs and other information today, tomorrow and Wednesday and then do a review of the show on Thursday.

The Steel Moon Shows

The Steel Moon organization had a stage at the show Where there were continuous demonstrations and play scenes. The emphasis was heavily on bondage but other activities were also on offer. Steel Moon are closely associated with The Fetish Cafe and produce their own Magazine.

Here are some photographs of some of their shows. Because of the lighting conditions they came out a bit gritty and grainy on my camera but I sort of like this effect, it seems to suit the subject matter.


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  1. >How fascinating! I wonder how the general public (vanilla) views this. there must be some that go to those shows. We have sex merchandise shows here, but the kinky stuff is in a cordoned off, behind doors, to innocent passers-by can't see.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >The kinky and vanilla stuff was pretty much mixed in together at this show Hermione. The only curtained of areas were the Swingers/Gangbangers cafe and a couple of small booths that where doing live personal sex shows and lap dances.Prefectdt


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