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>The Mega Erotica Beurs Or Erotica Show – A review


The Erotica Exhibition In Antwerp

In General

The Mega Erotica Beurs is an Erotica exhibition that is held at multiple venues across Belgium (click on the link to see venue and dates for 2010/early 2011). It is an exhibition aimed at multiple interest groups and has retailers, artists and other show elements from countries across Europe. I visited the exhibition when it was at the Antwerp Expo (Antwerp Exhibition Halls) on Sunday 14th of March 2010. Entry to the Exhibition cost €20.

The Venue

The exhibition was at the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp. Firstly I would like to say that this is a very hard location to find. I was planning to visit the exhibition on the Saturday but I could not find the place, so ended up making a second visit to Antwerp on Sunday (armed with some better instructions). This Expo is not signposted from the motorway and is not in a highly frequented area of Antwerp for visitors to the city. Better directional signs, on the roads and motorway, are needed. Once there the venue suited it’s requirements well. There was plenty of free parking. The Exhibition occupied two halls of the center, providing plenty of space. Paid entry toilets (the norm in Belgium) where available, refreshments and food could be purchased in the halls and there was plenty of walking space between the stalls and shows. There was no where for smokers to go to get a quick gasper though, meaning that you had to get your hand stamped for reentry and leave the venue if you wanted a smoke (and I did, poor show Antwerp Expo).

Retail stands

There were plenty of retail and promotional stands, catering for many tastes. A good selection of BDSM retailers had a presence at the show and this gave me plenty to look around. As well as these there where the vanilla sex goods stands, artists, body piercers, tattoo artists, specialist clothing stalls, video retailers and other retailers and goods promoters.

Shows and demonstrations

These where a pleasant surprise. I expected a token effort of demonstrations but the shows where full on and well worth seeing. Amongst the shows included in the entry price where, BDSM displays form Steel Moon, a body painting outfit, an interactive glamor photography area, a hardcore (penetrative) Male/Female sex show and Dildo/vibrator demonstrations.

If you wanted to pay extra there where private girl/girl sex shows nude lap dancing and further shows and strip acts in the paid entry swingers bar.

various kinksters and characters where parading around the exhibition in general.

The shows and demonstrations where a lot better than I expected and I wish I had had more time to stay and see more of them.

The hard core area

More than half of the second hall was sectioned off as the hard live show section, with large warning signs for those that did not want to see the live sex shows. Here there where live penetrative sex acts and dildo/ vibrator demonstrations. You could also pay extra for some private shows in this area. The entrance to the Swingers and Gangbangers cafe was also here but it was paid entry, so I did not go in. I did stop here to see a little of a show featuring one guy and two gals, which as far as I could tell seemed pretty good (nothing was hidden anyway) but I left after a few minutes because I find watching vanilla sex a bit boring.


The exhibition itself was very good. Before going in I thought that the 20 euro entry fee was a bit steep but that was before I discovered all the shows on offer. You could very easily pay this much or more for just one of the shows alone, in many places. The retail and promotional stands where interesting and I found the prices charged to be very competitive, for some items a lot less than you would normally pay for the same items in specialist shops.

The exhibition halls, although adequate, did not live up to the standards that I have come to expect from other exhibition halls in Belgium. Antwerp Expo just did not seem up to scratch.

To round up the exhibition was well worth it but the exhibition halls where a bit so so.

Would I go again?

Yes but I would like to see this at a better location. Hopefully I will go to the exhibition when it visits Gent Expo, in November, which I know to be a far better venue.

If you want to see more posts about this exhibition try the following three links, LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK3.


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