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Daily Archives: March 20, 2010

>Two New Blogs For The Rolls – Moving A Blog – Amber "Pixie" Wells Away For A While – And Some Funny Quotes


Two new blogs for the rolls

Submissive Lily Anna – Ms Anna is getting to be a well known face and back side, around the commercial spanking world and her brand new blog already has some interesting posts about her travels. And I have seen some stills of her coming down hard on the bad boys 🙂 in her new blog.

Spanking Pixie’s Picture Archive – Ms wells has started a photo blog featuring images of her and by her. This is a very nice “pop in” type blog.

Moving a blog

A Spanking Good Time – This blog has gone to protected log in. I am not sure if it will come back later on or not and so have decided to move it to the dormant blogs list.

Amber “Pixie” Wells away for a while

Unfortunately Ms Wells has announced in this post Leave Of Absence that she will be away from her blog for a while due to medical reasons, lets hope that she will be back, healthy and hearty very soon.

A clip of quotes

As regular readers to this blog may realize, from the tftd and tftd2 series of posts, I am very interested in hunting down interesting and funny quotes. So I was delighted to find this highly amusing clip of quotes on YouTube and thought that I would share it with you all here. I hope that you enjoy it.