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>Karen Gillan As Amy Pond In The New Dr Who Series. An Authority Figure?


Karen Gillan as Amy Pond

Coming to the BBC this Easter is the new Dr Who Series, with a brand new Doctor and a new assistant. Karen Gillan is The red headed Scottish lass playing Amy Pond, the Doctors new assistant. Perusing the ‘net I came across some images of Ms Gillan filming for the new series, dressed as a police officer, well sort of………

I do not get back to the UK very often now but I have yet to see a police woman patrolling in such a short skirt. Perhaps there has been a uniform change that I am not aware of šŸ™‚

Anyway Ms Gillan does look like she could be very handy at dishing out some on the spot correction, dressed like that. I have often thought that previous doctors could well have done with taking in hand, to curb their eccentric behavior, there is no reason that Matt Smith’s Doctor should be any less deserving of a good dose of corporal punishment. Perhaps Amy Pond is the right assistant for the task.

Does the TARDIS have a punishment room? I wonder.

Here is a teaser clip of the new series

Can’t wait for Easter now šŸ™‚


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  1. >Agree. She is absolutely stunning. Especially in that "uniform"Sooner Easter arrives the better. The new Dr Who looks excellent..

  2. >LOL Prefectdt, No, no change in the length of a police women's skirt.I love Dr Who so will be interested to see what the new Dr is like.Love,Ronniexx

  3. >Ian – Oh yes, it is nice to have a toppy looking Doctors assistant :-)Ronnie – Shame about the uniforms but still, a woman in any authority figure outfit still gladdens this bottom's heart.Prefectdt

  4. >We here in the United States have to wait a little longer to see her. It takes a while for "Ms. Pond" to cross the 'pond'.I can't wait for the new series to start also.Charlie

  5. >"Pond Across the Pond" The tabloids are going to love that, the next time that she visits the USA.You don't have to wait long Charlie, I believe that the show premiers on the 17th of April, in the US.Prefectdt


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