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Daily Archives: March 27, 2010

>A Few Goodbyeeees – Two New Blogs – Moving A Blog – And A Word From Our Sponsors


Some Goodbyeeees

I have decided to clear out the dormant blogs list a little. All the blogs that I am saying fare well to today are blogs that I held in high regard, so please say a big and heartfelt goodbyeeee to…..

Filth Overdrive
Kinky Farm Wife
Spanked Hubby By Another Name
and Spkrbryan’s Blog

Good luck with whatever you are doing now guys and feel free to drop by any time you want.

Two new blogs for the rolls

Male Submission Art – A blog from Maymay, a bisexual submissive with an eye for artistic images of male submission.

Not Quite What I Had In Mind – A blog from Recidavist about his life and philosophies from the receiving end.

Moving a blog

I’m not sure what happened to The Hunteress’ Domain and whether it will be back or not, so for now it is being moved to the Dormant Blogs List.

[Post Update]

I have found the new address of this blog but it is not up and running there yet but it is at a temporary blogger address. It will be put back on the second roll at the temporary address which is

A Word From Our Sponsor
Do you suffer from Dominatrix’s wrist?