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>Happy April Fools day to you all. Rack my brain as much as I did I could not come up with a suitable jape for today and any way it is past midday here, as I write this and it is bad luck to pull a joke now. So instead I thought that I would send out a little tongue in cheek message to spammers. You never know, perhaps now they will stop emailing me.

Satisfy her with a bigger Dong

Well it’s not huge but I am quite happy with the size of my penis, thank you very much. And by the way I am not going to take medical advice about a part of me, that I hold (fnar, fnar) so dearly, from people who refer to it as “your love pole”, “trouser snake”, “pleasure staff”, etc, etc. If anything, a larger tongue would come in more handy, for pleasuring the fairer sex but if you have a medical technique for enlarging this please don’t call it a “mouth monster” or “labia licker” or anything like that.

You have won a Million in Toy…

Honestly, do you really think that I am thick enough to think that I have won a lottery that I have not entered or that major companies randomly give away money over the internet for no reason? And anyway these companies have their own internet domains and would not ask me to send my bank details to an address that ends in

Do you want larger breasts?

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! and NO!

Dear Mr Hortic, there has been an unfortunate……….

Strangely enough my real name is not Mr Hortic or Mr Prefectdt or Mr Dt, so those poor people who died in that car/plane/train crash, leaving that huge amount of money in your bank, that do have those surnames are not actually related to me. Even if they were I have a surviving parent and older siblings, that would inherit before me if there was no will.

Viagra by post

I have never had need of this drug and if I ever do then I can get it across the counter without a prescription in Belgium (that must have helped the Belgian tourist industry).

Well now that all the spammers know all that they can stop wasting their time emailing me.


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  1. >LOL you'll probably get even more spammers after this post.Love,Ronniexx

  2. >I won first prize in the same lottery three times yesterday. And I get lots of letters from ladies in former Soviet bloc countries begging me to email them.I even get warnings from Facebook to give them my logon and password so my account will not be deleted. I don't even have a Facebook account.These things are like April Fool's Day all day, every day.Hugs,Hermione

  3. >Ronnie – Unfortunately you are probably right.Hermione – And those photo sets that you get in reply to a message that you never sent. There are so many blatant frauds going on it is ridiculous.Prefectdt

  4. >I'm with you on this. I have a few faithful readers who are kind enough to leave comments and I get excited every time I see that there is a new comment. It is so very disappointing to open a comment and find SPAM.

  5. >I hear ya on that one Burl. It is bad enough getting spam by email, having it in the comments box as well is not much fun.Prefectdt


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