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>Goodbyeeee Marks And Stripes – Glad Tidings From The North – And A Happy And Funny Easter


Goodbyeeee Marks and Stripes

We have said Goodbyeeee to Apple’s blog before but then it came back but this time it has been deleted. Fare well Marks and Stripes and the best of luck to Apple for the future.

A new addition to the family for Lucy McLean and Paul Kennedy

The Northern Spanking news page and Adele Haze have both announced that the famous duo north of the border (Scotland) are now the proud parents of a brand new baby boy. Congratulations to the both of them and good luck to the little lad taking his first step on the journey of life.

Have a laugh for Easter

Happy chocolate holiday to one and all. Enjoy these Easter images, some of which (but not all) came from slave isabelle’s journey.

How to beat an egg

Don’t do it!

There has to be a LOL cat/bunny


Who dun it?

A walk with the chick


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  1. >Happy Easter, prefectdt! I loved all the funny pictures, but I think I liked the LOLcat one and the egg being spanked the best.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >It was fun looking for those pictures Hermione. I think that I might try making some eggs of my own next year.Prefectdt


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