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Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

>Some Things That Pro Tops And Dommes Should Be Aware Of (Part Two)

>Please do not think that I am on an anti professional Top/Domme, from these posts, I am not. On the contrary. The majority of interactions that I have had with those that provide these services have been very positive and I would recommend to any bottom or sub that they should consider employing the services of a competent, professional Top or Domme, especially if they are new to being on the receiving end. But I have had a few qualms and niggles over the years and when I saw THIS POST from Cassie Hunter, which I thought was a very pertinent reflection on what a potential client should not do, it did inspire me to write some points of what a pro Domme or Top should be aware of, when dealing with me as a potential client. These posts is addressed to the professionals out there but I hope that the rest of you enjoy them too. The first part was posted on Monday.

No I can’t come earlier, at short notice

And I can’t do morning appointments either. I am not being funny about this, it is just a matter of hygiene. I have never mastered the art of doing a quick colonic irrigation (and yes I have tried several different methods and equipment) and it takes me at least three hours, so I need to plan for that time. I do not want to turn up for an appointment with skid marks and I have a feeling that no Top or Domme would want me to turn up with skid marks either. So if you need to move the appointment to an earlier time of the day, I need at least a days notice, thank you very much.

Wish Lists? Get real!

You know, I have never asked for a discount or a freebie for services spanking and I never will. But realize that the going rate for services does represent a serious chunk of my budget (I’m just a working guy after all) and I am not complaining or whining about this but after shelling out a significant amount of my hard earned, I do not expect to have a begging bowl shoved under my nose. I know that some ladies do cater for financial slaves, keep your wish lists for them, I am not interested. If you want expensive presents write to Farther Christmas (Santa Clause), don’t bother me about it.

Relevant Charging

Actually I have no practical bad experiences of this at all. I have not employed the services of a pro Top or Domme for about a year but at that time prices in Belgium ranged from about €120 per hour to about €200 per hour, the difference mostly being based on facilities available. If I wished for a bare bones whupping from someone with just a usable space and few serviceable toys I would expect to be paying towards the lower rate and if I wanted to see someone with a nice range of specialist furniture and enough toys to give me that “kid in a sweet (candy) shop” feeling I expect to be paying towards the upper end of that range and in practice I have found this to be what has happened. So on this one I can say well done ladies, carry on.

I do hope that this post and it’s predecessor have not put anyone off seeing a professional, that was not the intention. These posts where intended to let a little steam out of my ears and hopefully let some of the professionals out there know the opinion of one bottom, where it comes to niggles and irritations. There are many good Tops, Dommes and Mistresses out there and I do intend to continue to seek out their services in the future.