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>A New Blog – Marathon Report – Name Changes – A New Link – End Of A Blog – And Forgot Something?


A new blog for the rolls

Ma’am Yes Ma’am – This is the view of life of a single submissive male and his take on the world.

Marathon report

Sam Johnson and Marcus black successfully completed the London marathon in just over five hours (info courtesy of Leia-Ann Woods). They beat their original fund raising target of £4000 and eventually raised just over £5000. Well done to the both of them and a big round of applause please.

Blog name changes

The Adventurous Journey – is the new name of The Journey

Warren’s Place – is the new name of Sir’s Place

A link for the useful kinky resource sites list

SpankingCast iTunes page is going to be added to this list as a link directly to the iTunes page of Abel and Haron The Spanking Writers.

End of a blog

That Girl Marie AKA Katherine James has announced that she is giving up blogging. So if you want to pop over and say thanks for the effort, now is a good time. I will leave this blog on the second roll for another couple of weeks.

Forgot something?

We have all had to vanillify our abodes at some point or another in time, so we all know that there is always one item that gets forgotten, as the lady in the clip is about to find out.


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  1. >Great commercial! I wish I had an Ikea near me.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >I have to go to France for my nearest Ikea. I like the idea of the reversible bean bag, it could have restraints attached on one side and be totally vanilla on the other.Prefectdt


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