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>Two Goodbyeeees – Two Blogs Return – Race For Life – A New Book – A Return – And Muppet Fiction

Well my little enforced hiatus is over and from the stats and the amount of comments, the “Guess the blog” posting seemed very popular. It may be used again during another hiatus. While I was away there where chunks of time that I had no internet access and so if I have missed something that should be in the Roundup, I apologize in advance but for now lets crack on with it.

Goodbyeeee That Girl Marie and The Hunteress Domain

That Girl Marie (Kate James) is still there but it’s model owner has decided to give up blogging. Farewell and I hope that life treats you well.

The Hunteress domain has been deleted from blogger. Ms Hunter has another blog at her website The Hunteress’ Domain but it does not look appropriate for the blog rolls here

Welcoming two blogs back to the rolls

Complicated Kitten is back up and posting and so will be moved back to the second blog roll.

Spanking Photography was a blog that I had thought had, had it’s day but posting has restarted there and so it is being put back on the second roll.

Race for life, next weekend

This event is on next Saturday and there are still two bloggers that are open for sponsorship. So if you wish to support this worthy cause you can visit Miss Nicole’s Randoms: Race for Iife 2010! or MISTRESS SWITCH: Race For Life 2010.

A new book

The Spanking Writers, Abel and Haron (AKA Adel and Mr Haze) have published another volume of their works. You can read about it in this post Presenting “The Spanking Writers, Volume 2″ | The Spanking Writers.

Back in from the cold

Beverly Bacci is back from retirement. It looks like she may be exclusively working as a Top (no complaints from me about that) and has made her debut reappearance at Punished Brats. She is in one of the Pixie’s Previews that you can catch through this link Pixie’s Previews – Amber Pixie Wells takes you behind the scenes at Punished Brats.

Pulp Muppets

OK this has absolutely nothing to do with spanking, I just thought that it was funny and clever. Enjoy the clip.


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  1. >Enjoyed your "Guess the blog" post even though I only got one right and that was the one you left the site name on:)Love,Ronniexx

  2. >Thanks for taking part Ronnie. All indications where that people liked the postings. I think the next hiatus will see this return.Prefectdt


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