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Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

>A Goodbyeeee – A New Site For The Kinky Resources List – Emma Bishop Retires – Race For Life Preperations – And Why Is This Sexy For A Woman?


Goodbyeeee Pest’s World

Pest’s World was a blog from an amateur, female, spankee from the USA about her life and tribulations. I found that the blog has been deleted. fare well Pest and thanks for the blog while it lasted.

A new site for the Spanking And Kinky Resource sites list

All Spanking Blogs is an alphabetical listing of spanking blogs it is being put in the resource sites list (below the non kinky blog roll). I hope that you all find this useful.

Emma Bishop is retiring

Emma Bishop announced in This Post that she is retiring from the spanking model world, so if you would like to pop over to her blog and wish her well now is the time to do it before the blog is gone. Ms Bishop was of coarse featured on this blog in This Post.

Preparations for The Race For Life

The Race For Life is going on over this weekend and one kinky participant has shared her careful “night before” preparations in This Post.

Why is this sexy when a woman does it?

Using a female model to advertise male underwear is a definite winner, as far as this potential customer is concerned but it did get me thinking “Why are these things so sexy when a woman does them but so repulsive when a man does?”. If you watch the clip you will see what I mean.