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>A Blog Merit Certificate – A Couple Of Blogs For The Second Roll – A Legal Issue – And Is This Good Soccer For Women?


A Blog Merit Certificate for The Spanking Writers

Abel and Haron (AKA Adele and Mr Haze) Produce an excellent, varied and thought provoking blog, that Dr Malford (my fictitious Head Mistress) has noticed has been getting checked out very frequently and so she has instructed me to move the blog link to the top blog roll and a Certificate has been issued. Adele Haze/Haron, as a co writer of The Spanking Writers is one of only four blog authors ever to have received two Blog Merit Certificates.

A new blog for the second roll and a blog returns

Boy Bitch Spanking, the F/m blog from Clare Fonda is back up and running and so will go back on the second blog roll.

Bumtickler is a new blog for the roll, from a guy with an eye for stories photos and video clips.

An important post about an unjustified legal persecution

Abel, from The Spanking Writers, has posted about a ludicrously unfair prosecution of a pair of consenting legally adult kinksters in Sweden. I can only encourage you to visit THIS POST and find out for yourself what is going on.

Do women prefer this kind of football (soccer)?

The world cup is on and it is hell for me as I hate football (soccer), so if I am in a cafe (bar) I usually find my self talking to the females present as all the blokes will not shut up about that stupid game, at times like these. But most men would wish that more women where into football, so if matches where more like this do you think that more women would be interested?


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  1. >Is Haron really Adele Haze? I had no idea.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >It was in The Spanking Writers second podcast Hermione.Prefectdt

  3. >I'm behind in my pod-listening, then. It's been added to my to-so list.Thanks for the info.Hugs,Hermione

  4. >Good stuff as always. Yhe case "BDSM prosecution – an important case" is amazing, but not surprising. Still sucks though. Of course, anyone doing that with a 16-year-old girl in my country would be prosecuted too, just for a different reason. 😉

  5. >Hermione – I think that I listen to spoken word productions more than most people but I have been enjoying TSW podcasts, especially Abel's last story.Dante – What is the age of legal consent in the USA? I had always presumed it would have been around 16 but have to admit that I do not actually know.Prefectdt


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