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>Women Who Should Be Spankers – Karen Gillan AKA Amy Pond


Karen Gillan AKA Amy Pond

At just 22 years of age, the latest companion in Dr Who, is the youngest mainstream star who has made it to the ranks of women who should be spanking men, on this blog. This Scottish lass is an ideal candidate as a spanker, with her long limbed, athletic presence and her shock of red hair (perhaps with the temper to go with it). In her character as Amy Pond she can visit any time in history or the future to pick up any spanking implement that she chooses. But the main reason why she should be spanking men is because a lot of them are so stupid. I am referring to all those guys and I suppose one or two women, who have been finding their way to this blog lately by typing “Amy Pond upskirt” into a search engine. Firstly does any one need an upskirt shot of someone who can present an image like this………

to appreciate her beauty fully and secondly Amy Pond is a TV character that she plays and if anyone must search for such an image they should be using the name Karen Gillan. So Ms Pond can jump into the TARDIS and pick up any implement that she wishes, form a Victorian era cane to a 34th century laser whip and deal with these lecherous miscreants.

Karen Gillan was born in Inverness in Scotland in 1987, where she lived until she was 16 and went to study acting in Edinburgh and then London. She worked as a fashion model before starting her TV acting career, that has found her playing several roles in a short time, most notably in the comedy sketch show The Kevin Bishop Show and Dr Who. If you wish to learn more about Karen Gillan you can visit her Wikipedia page through THIS LINK.


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  1. >I think she is beautiful and a fabulous helper for the Doctor. That is an amazing picture of her. 🙂

  2. >Best companion since Elisabeth Sladen's, Sarah Jane Smith IMHO. Matt Smith is doing a wonderful job as the new Doctor as well. He seems to be bringing back some of that quirky geekyness of the Doctor's character.Prefectdt

  3. >back some of that quirky geekyness of the Doctor's characterokشكرًا على حسن انتباهكم veerstend siëbest to be the lion of Flanders than the Flandres Lion

  4. >She really is, IMHO, the best Dr Who assistant and he really should take her in hand for her disobedience :-)I would definitely like to spank her! She is gorgeous and has a lovely spankable bottom.

  5. >tst oproprio – Errrrr????Sound P – I can see the potential for a deep debate among the on line community as to whether Ms Gillan is more appropriately labeled a Top or a bottom :)Prefectdt

  6. >Sound Punishment has the right idea. She's just too sassy for the Doctor's companion, and sooner or later, he'll have to take her over his knee and make her gorgeous rump even redder than her hair!

  7. >But I think someone has to take the Doctor in hand first ;)Prefectdt


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