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>A Goodbyeeee – Privacy – Getting Toppy – The Sunday Brunch – And Some News For The M/m and F/f players


Goodbyeeee The Unsecret Diaries Of Emma Bishop

Ms Bishop announced her retirement from modeling in the spanking world some weeks ago and now her blog has disappeared into the internet ether. Good luck with your life and love life Ms Bishop and thanks for sharing your experiences in The Unsecret Diaries.

Reader privacy issues

Ludwig has raised an important issue, concerning a widget that some blogs use, that may compromise reader privacy, You can read about it in THIS POST. He has followed this up with a more tongue in cheek post which you can read HERE.

A trip to the Toppy side

Adele Haze has been exploring her switch side with a rather interesting couple of posts, that you can read HERE and HERE. These make very interesting reading, especially as they come from someone that usually presents a strong sub/bottom image.

The Sunday brunch is at Hermione’s for now

Bonnie has flown of for some fun in the sun and so for now the weekly Sunday Brunch is being held over at Hermione’s Heart. It is always nice to join in the Sunday natter so perhaps it is a good time to pop over and voice your opinion.

Some news for M/m and F/f players in Northern Europe

Antwerp pride weekend June 24-27

Next weekend, from Thursday the 24th of June to Sunday the 27th of June, sees the annual IGLTA Antwerp Pride weekend in (surprise surprise) Antwerp. Kinky events include the Falconfair, a fetish fair and A Hard Night, a fetish party aimed at the boys. I believe that there are other kinky events aimed at the lads at The Boots club. I have not been able to find anything fetishy aimed specifically at the girls but some of the events at the Cafe De Love do look very interesting. There is a full calendar of the weekend’s events through THIS LINK.


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  1. >thanks for sharing all these things. it's very nice of you.Ludwig brings up some things I need to think about. I'm not as careful as I should be.

  2. >Prefectdt, thanks for the link to Ludwig's post, will pop over later.Love,Ronniexx

  3. >Thank you for sending readers over to brunch. I think everyone had a good time, but we all missed Bonnie.Hugs,Hermione

  4. >Bumtickler and Ronnie – Ludwig's writings are usually worth reading, sometimes a bit long winded but that just gives me something to wind him up about :)Hermione – Thanks for hosting the brunch while Bonnie is away.Prefectdt


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