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Daily Archives: June 26, 2010

>Two Goodbyeeees – Racing Boss BDSM Death – Special Porn Domain – And Where Can I buy These


Goodbyeeee Aunty Agony and Wilhelmina Dreams

Both Aunty Agony and Wilhelmina Dreams have not been posted on now for six months and so it is time to take them off the roll, bid them farewell and thank their authors for the joy that they gave us while they lasted. Both blogs are still there so you can follow the links and have a delve through their archives if you want.

A blog goes on hiatus

Spanking My Husband has announced that operations on this blog will cease for a while, hope that they are back soon.

British motor racing boss dies during a BDSM session

Robin Mortimer boss of RPM Motorsport died during a BDSM session with two professional mistresses in Belgium. The story has been picked up mostly by the less reliable press at the moment, so expect a certain amount of less accurate reporting, before the real news papers start reporting on this. For now you can read about this incident HERE or HERE. Thanks to Mitch of All Things Kinky for raising awareness of this.

Internet adult domain gains approval

Mostly of interest to the commercial spanking and BDSM site producers but relevant to punters as well is the news that adult orientated sites are on the way to getting their own internet domain. The .xxx domain has gained approval and is now into the process of making it a practical working reality. You can get more details about this in this BBC ARTICLE.

Where can I buy these

All this and space hoppers just from a mint, I have to get some of these.