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Monthly Archives: July 2010

>Two New Blogs – A Site For The List – Dave’s Top 10 – And When Brats Live Together


Two new blogs for the roll

Spanking In Suzy’s World – A blog from Suzy of American Spanking Society. Check out the interviews, there are some good ones.

Spanking View – A blog from Clare Fonda’s Camera Man (I like to think of him as American Camera Man X). A little on the commercial side but it is nice to hear the point of view of someone from the other side of the camera.

A site for the resource sites list

The Fetish Cafe’s Link List – This is a good place to find retailers and service providers in my little corner of North West Europe.

Dave’s Top 10

There are many good reasons for starting an adult spanking blog but even the most enthusiastic spank blogger has to admit that there are downsides as well. Dave, of The Cherry Red Report has come up with a Top Ten List Of Reasons Not To Spank Blog. It is highly funny and well worth checking out.

When brats live together

This pair may not be spankos but they are certainly brats. Many of you will remember The Pie In The Face And Spank clip that did the rounds of the blogs a little while ago, well they are always at it and she is as bad as him when it comes to pranking. You should check out their YouTube channel in THIS LINK. I hope that they spank each other, it is the only way that I can see for them to make up after their bouts of extreme bratting.

The spider brat

And you never know where it has been?


>Thought For The Week, Think Again

>As the last post was the blogiversary post, I am feeling a little nostalgic now so I thought that I would re post the very first kinky Thought that was seen on this blog, known then as “Thought For The Day”, blatantly stolen from BBC Radio 4. I remember the day well, I had just returned from a kinky shopping trip to Antwerp and was about to rush out to meet friends at a cafe, so I had to come up with a post idea pretty damn quick and so Thought For The Week was born. This one is from The 3rd of August 2007.



>Blogiversary The Third


Spankedhortic three years old today

Three years ago today I sat at a knackered, eight year old computer and committed pixel to screen, for the first two posts of this blog, this one and this one. A new computer, two new cameras, 813 posts and a lot of lost sleep later and this blog is still up and fighting. This surprised me as I expected to lose interest after a couple of months but for better or for worst, 3 years of blogging have happened. I hope all of you out there in reader land have enjoyed these meanderings so far and will continue to enjoy future weirdness. Thanks to all for visiting here and especially to those that comment, without you there would be no point in carrying on, so give yourselves a good pat on the back (or bottom if you prefer).

They say that good things come in threes

Yep that looks good

Even better 🙂

Perhaps there is an exception to the rule?

Time to continue the journey

After all there is a whole spanking world out there to explore


>Blog Calendar – August Page


The August page

As this pair of miscreants will be getting spanked for Cause For Paws soon, it seemed appropriate that they graced the August page of the blog calendar. This image was found at Spanking Pixie.

As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and put it up at your local animal shelter, to show our furry friends what lengths people go to, to raise money for them.

If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


>What An Excellent Party Spanking Game


Although I think that real spankos would be delivering those swats with a little more gusto.

The spanking tunnel


>Two Goodbyeeees – More Cause For Paws – FM Debate – And A Gaming Spank


Goodbyeeee The Training Blog Of Mark and Mistress Switch

The Training Blog of Mark has had it’s end announced, so if you want to pop over and say ta ta now is the time to do it. It is a blog from a male sub about his obedience to two mistresses over the last couple of years. Goodbye and good luck Mark. I will leave this blog on the list until it disappears.

The Blog of Mistress Switch has been deleted from blogger. Her last post hinted that she was moving to another local on the internet but a search has failed to find anything. Perhaps she will be back on another format but for now, thanks for the time and effort put into the very interesting blog that Andi Switch had on blogger.

More from Lily Anna on Cause for paws

Lily Anna in THIS POST has come up with a way to raise money for Cause For Paws by selling off her used knickers and socks as well as special DVDs. Well done Ms Anna, keep up the good work

Adele Haze on F/m Porn

Adele Haze has asked where she can find decent F/m material in THIS POST. Recommendations are welcome but it has sparked off a very interesting debate in the comments and is well worth following.

A Gaming spank

I am not familiar with the game that this spanking came from but whoever produced it takes the old adage that “The last swat should be the hardest” very seriously.