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>A Goodbyeeee – Cause For Paws 2010 – Spanking Writers At Amazon – And Happy ? Day


Goodbyeeee The Inner Workings Of Dixie

Dixiedarling was married not so long ago and so, I suppose has not had much time for blogging recently. The blog The Inner Workings Of Dixie is still there but has been inactive for six months now so it is time to bid it farewell. Best of luck to Dixie and her beau for the future and thanks for the time and effort that went into the blog.

Cause for paws 2010

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells has announced the formula for her fund raising efforts, to help our furry friends. So if you want to help our four footed companions and see Ms Wells and some her friends spanked along the way, pop on over to THIS POST and see how it is going to work this year.

The Spanking Writers at Amazon

The new book from The Spanking Writers is now available from and Amazon UK. You can find the appropriate links in THIS POST.

Happy ? Day

In the past I have tried to note and celebrate national and other feast days but this year I have failed to keep up with this. A spanking needed I think (volunteer spankers welcome). I have just realized how many celebration days that there are in the first two weeks of July and thought that I would wish everyone a happy (if in some cases belated) day in one go now.

July 1st Canada day

July 4th Independence Day USA

11th of July Flanders Day

14th of July Bastille Day France

Best wishes to one and all whatever day you have or are celebrating


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  1. >Prefectdt,I didn't realise there were that many either :)Love,Ronniexx

  2. >I love the Maple Leaf on her bottom. That was quite a hard maple paddle!hugs,Hermione

  3. >Ronnie – July seems to be the trendy month for getting nationalistic.Hermione – That is the only national flag related spanking photograph that I have ever found. You would think that there is so much potential for the stars and stripes.Prefectdt


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