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>Two New Blogs – A Site For The List – Dave’s Top 10 – And When Brats Live Together


Two new blogs for the roll

Spanking In Suzy’s World – A blog from Suzy of American Spanking Society. Check out the interviews, there are some good ones.

Spanking View – A blog from Clare Fonda’s Camera Man (I like to think of him as American Camera Man X). A little on the commercial side but it is nice to hear the point of view of someone from the other side of the camera.

A site for the resource sites list

The Fetish Cafe’s Link List – This is a good place to find retailers and service providers in my little corner of North West Europe.

Dave’s Top 10

There are many good reasons for starting an adult spanking blog but even the most enthusiastic spank blogger has to admit that there are downsides as well. Dave, of The Cherry Red Report has come up with a Top Ten List Of Reasons Not To Spank Blog. It is highly funny and well worth checking out.

When brats live together

This pair may not be spankos but they are certainly brats. Many of you will remember The Pie In The Face And Spank clip that did the rounds of the blogs a little while ago, well they are always at it and she is as bad as him when it comes to pranking. You should check out their YouTube channel in THIS LINK. I hope that they spank each other, it is the only way that I can see for them to make up after their bouts of extreme bratting.

The spider brat

And you never know where it has been?


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  1. >Thx for the shout-out. Glad you liked the Top 10 column :-)Dave

  2. >Gotta say that I wish I had a thought of that first Dave :)Prefectdt


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