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>August, The Month Of The Imperial Spanko


The Roman spanking month

The artifact above is the decoration from the back of a Roman mirror, depicting a Roman schoolroom disciplinary scene, note the flogger, bared buttocks and horsing. The type of thing that would have been in the possession of the subject of this post, the person without whom this would be the month of Sextilis. I am of coarse referring to the first emperor of Rome.

Augustus Caesar

I have been searching the web for some time now, looking for direct references to the kinky activities of Augustus but have found nothing that looks like a reliably quotable source for this man’s pain play adventures (perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places, the Roman era is not one of my normal areas of historical interest). But it does seem to be generally excepted that he enjoyed being on the receiving end of a good whupping. Behind such a great kinkster there was a good Top.

His second wife Livia

In public Livia was the model of a submissive roman wife, putting up with all her husband’s foibles and mistresses but in their home she was said to have been a formidable Head Of Household, ruling with a rod of iron (or other material of choice) and with such a strong female lead relationship they where married for a long time in a situation where they could have been easily torn apart by politics and intrigue.

In honour of this great leader, who initiated Pax Romanus (200 years of mostly peace for the roman empire) a month was renamed and so it remains till this day.

It is because of this pair of hero’s that we can enjoy the kinksters month of August rather than being bored by the vanilla month of Sextilis

If you wish to learn more about the rise of Augustus as emperor you can click on THIS LINK

Happy August all, Prefectdt

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  1. >Fascinating! That makes August my favourite month!Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Thanks Hermione. I wish that I could have found more detail on the kinky side of this couples life but most of the material seems to except that it was there and then clams up.Prefectdt

  3. >Not too hot on Roman history.I'm sure I heard or read that in one scene in the BBC series, Augustus confessed to his wife that he liked being slapped during sex and then whipped and beat her. Love,Ronniexx

  4. >The Romans are not one of my normal areas of historical interest either Ronnie. The wife of one of my nephews has a masters in Roman history but I feel a bit weird about phoning her up and asking her about an Emperors spanking habits.Prefectdt


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