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She is right, as usual, so turn me over a chair and thrash me till I squeal 🙂

I first saw this meme at Heart and Soul and then at Hermione’s Heart but it originally came from a blog that I am not too familiar with, Daisychain. Please feel free to pick it up and run with it if you wish.

Your favourite fictional character – Harry Flashman from The George MacDonald Fraser novels

Your favourite villain – Baron Silas Greenback, from Danger Mouse

All time comfort food – Chocolate

The hobby that takes up most of your free time – Rambling (that’s hiking if you are in the USA)

A game you enjoy playing – The Broken Sword series

Your favorite singerChrissie Hynde. What can I say, I was a teenager in the 80’s

Your favorite artist – A very unknown guy called Paul Lowe

The first writer you were hooked on – Robert E Howard (I was 8)

Your favourite TV show – Top Gear, three middle aged brats prating around, I can empathize

Your all time favorite TV double act – Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie

Your favourite game – Bratting 🙂

Something that makes you sad – Hearing that there is going to be another TV/Film remake of Pride and Bloody Prejudice

Something that makes you ANGRY – See last answer

Something you worry about – That pulsating glowing green stuff under my fridge

Your wish for the world – That it excepts me as it’s mad and evil kind and benevolent dictator

Your favorite weapon – Anything heavy, blunt and close at hand

Your first ever pet – A tortoise shell cat called Taters (as in Rags and Taters)

Your favorite form of transportation – Airplanes but my medical insurers won’t let me fly any more

Your childhood ambition – I wanted to be a Banana Split

At what age did you achieve it – I still keep writing the application letters

Your “happy thoughts” from childhoodDreams of world domination Seaside holidays (vacations)

The most memorable death in your lifetime – Margret Thatcher, I am really looking forward to remembering her death, I have the Champagne ready for it at all times

The words you dread hearing – Bedtime for you, young man

If you won £50,000,000, lottery, what would you do with it? Use it to wreak terrible vengeance on all those that have ever crossed me Use it to buy lots of flowers for people and to be kind to puppies

What would you like to do this very second? – Eat an entire Black Forest gateaux (I am dieting right now)

The next holiday you have planned? – Back to Blighty (England) to see my mum

Your favourite implement and favourite place for a spanking – Rattan cane, anywhere where I can be made to go AAARG! really loudly without upsetting the neighbours

Your most dreaded implement, and worst position – My white lightning synthetic cane in diaper position

An ex-blogger who you miss? – Niki Flynn

Something you would love to do – Get spanked in every European country, before I die

I cut short, it was a bit too long for a meme.


4 responses

  1. >Glad you joined in with the meme Prefectdt, very good answers.I too love Chrissie Hynde, we saw her a couple of years back she was the supporting act to Rod Stewart and she certainly still had it.Those 3 middle aged brats should all be spanked.Enjoyed reading your answers.Thanks for the mention.Love,Ronniexx

  2. >I'm jealous, having never gotten to see Chrissie Hynde live 🙂 It was a fun meme Ronnie.Prefectdt

  3. >"That pulsating glowing green stuff under my fridge" – LOL! That sounds like a reason for a good spanking.Great meme, and an excellent picture to go with it.Hugs,Hermione

  4. >And you have not seen what is underneath the cooker Hermione, although being a bit fuzzy it does seem friendlier than what is under the fridge.Prefectdt

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