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Daily Archives: August 9, 2010

>A Spanko Time Capsule And Happy If Belated Consensual Spanking Day

>Yesterday was Consensual Spanking Day, as I read on many blogs and I hope that all that celebrated it had a suitably ouchy time. I started wondering if this or another celebratory day for our kink, would catch on and still be celebrated in 100 years time and what spankos of that time would think of us now. This got me to thinking about what I would put in a spanko’s Time Capsule, to tell the future spankos about my kinky life and the times in which we live, if I ever got the chance to put one together and preserve it’s contents.

Prefectdt’s spanko time capsule
To be opened on Consensual Spanking Day (8th of August) 2110

A Journal

Of coarse I would have to be totally narcissistic modestly record my own adventures and thoughts about my spanking endeavors.

A selection of toys

A cane, tawse, crop, flogger and several other items, including some pervertables and home made toys, to show the future spankos what we where actually playing with.

Spanking media from my lifetime

Magazines – These in the mid 1980s where for me and many others, an introduction to the idea that there where others out there that thought the same way as we did. There would have to be some from, Janus, Blushes and Kane as well as a few others from the hay day of printed spanking material.

VHS Tapes – From the 1980s through to the middle of the 1990s where the only way that most of us could view spanking in motion. I think that there would have to be some bad material as well as some from from the emerging pioneers of this period like Lupus Spanking and Sting In The Tail.

DVDs – A bit of repeat of the tapes but a useful example of how visual media was improving during our time.

Downloads from spanking websites – All on a handy player. The variety and diversity of material that accompanied the growth of the internet all shown on a handily viewable device. Although it would be the equivalent of a hand written manuscript in 100 years time, it does represent the height of our media technology today

Spanking blogs

A whole raft of blogs downloaded to memory sticks, showing the amateurs, the professionals and the commercial blogs. A cross section of the thoughts feelings and trends in the spanking world in our time. I hope that they still have USB capability in the 22nd century

The struggle

Finally there would have to be a record of the seeds that where sown in our time that will give the kinksters of the future the freedom to be open about their lives and lifestyles, without the fears of persecution that we have today.

I cannot help but wonder what the spankos of 2110 would think of us from what they find?