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>A New Blog For The Rolls – More Cause For Paws – A Debt To Pay – And More Pranks


Before I start the Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup I just have to say that I have finally found it, after years and years of surfing searching and Googling. If you want to see it too just hit the link below

A New Blog For The Second Roll

Free Spanking Photos – A simple blog with regular updates of spanking photographs and the odd video

More Cause for Paws

I am afraid that anyone wishing to take part in the first Cause for Paws Auction is too late. But good news, there is a second Auction, as you can see in THIS POST, on the blog of Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells, for DVDs. Alternatively, you can donate directly through this button

An Outstanding Debt

Ludwig is about to visit Leia-Ann Woods to repay a long outstanding debt. Curios? You can read more from both parties in THIS POST and THIS POST.

More pranks

I have been watching more Prank vs Prank on YouTube and have found a couple of their exploits that have a spanko/BDSM feel to them

A Good Belting

And Some Electricity Play


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