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Daily Archives: August 16, 2010

>Domestic Differences Between Men And Women

>I have never been in a Domestic Discipline relationship with a woman and although I would not be adverse to trialing such a situation I think that it may be difficult for both parties. Any woman involved with me in such a way would have to be very determined, strict and be willing to spend a long time correcting my waywardness. On my part, I would probably need such harsh and frequent correction, to reach reasonable goals, that it is doubtful that I would be able to sit comfortable for at least the first two years of the arrangement. I suspect that the biggest problem would be the differences between definitions of domestic cleaning values between myself and a woman. I have come up with a few examples for this post.

A woman’s definition
These windows are not cleaned properly, I can still see the smears
My definition
You can tell that I have cleaned the window because there are smears

A woman’s definition
This room is filthy and covered in dust
My definition
This room has a lived in charm

A woman’s definition
look at this mess, no one can find anything in here
My definition
I know precisely where everything is, on the floor

However this arrangement would have certain advantages over a similar vanilla arrangement

The vanilla solution
Have a roaring great row about it

The DD solution
Harsh but fair measures are taken to resolve the difference in opinions

(Photo found at Ma’am yes Ma’am)

Vanilla result
Man slinks off in a huff to have a beer

DD result
Man resolves his ways hoping to please his other half

I think that the results in this case justify the methods 🙂