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Daily Archives: August 22, 2010

>A Goodbyeeee – A New Blog For The Rolls – Two Blogs On A Break – And An Amazing Motorbike


Goodbyeeee All Things Kinky

All Things Kinky was a blog from Mitch, who is still producing All Things Spanking. It was a blog about BDSM and other kinky activities outside of the spanking world. It was not an in depth blog but was entertaining and had it’s charms. Fare well to this blog and good luck to Mitch with his other blogs.

A new blog for the second roll

Madame Spanks – Out with the old and in with the new. This is a Female Top orientated blog from Mitch of All Things Spanking.

Two Blogs On A Break

Two bloggers have decided to take a break for different reasons, MarQe’s study for THIS REASON and Not Quite What I Had In Mind for THIS REASON.

An Amazing Crash Proof Motorbike

I know that this is a bit vanilla in flavour (unless your into biker leathers) but this report from one of the German speaking countries shows off one of the most amazing technical marvels of our time.