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Daily Archives: August 24, 2010

>A Spanking Joke

>Well I don’t know if this will have them rolling in the isles but if it never gets told I will never find out.

An unemployed spanko in the city of Manchester England was feeling a bit down about his situation, when walking along a street he spotted a sign in a recruitment agencies window that read.

“Experienced cane tester required at a factory producing canes for the adult spanking enthusiast market. For details inquire within.”

He was in that agency faster than a bullet from a gun and asked for details, from the woman behind the desk. She gave him a form to fill in and whilst he scribbled away she told him the details of the job.

“The position is for someone who can strap up to fifteen good looking ladies a day to a spanking bench and test canes on their bottoms at varying degrees of intensity, from moderate right through to severe for eight hours a day, five days a week. The salary is 45000 pounds a year and you will have to go to Glasgow in Scotland.”

The man replied

“I Have no problem at all in moving to Scotland to get a job like that.”

To which the woman replied

“Oh no the job is in Manchester. The end of the que for interviews is in Glasgow”

Hope that, that did not go down too badly. Prefectdt