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Daily Archives: August 28, 2010

>A Blog Returns – Paddle Master Back – Cause For Paws, Last Chance – Two Other Items – And How To Earn A Spanking Whilst Dating


A blog returns

Spanking Delights – Has announced it’s comeback and so it is being taken off the dormant blogs list (way down low, in the side bar) and is returning to the second blog roll

Paddle Master Products is back

I do not know when this happened but Paddle Master Products, who’s close down was announced in THIS POST is back up and trading. Thanks to Sarah Gregory for this information, that was in THIS POST.

Cause For Paws last chance

It is your last chance to add to the Cause For Paws campaign, as donations have to be in by the end of August (That’s Tuesday). Remember the more that is donated, the more backside battering goodness will be included in the annual campaign’s video.

Blog harassed out of existence

The blog Parker and Brinlee’s Life has closed down. Unfortunately I never had the chance to familiarize myself with this blog and now I never will. It shut up operations after being flooded with abusive and aggressive comments. I think that this is a warning to us all that we have a long hard road to travel before we get our just rights and acceptance. You can read a more detailed report in THIS POST from The American Spanking Society.

Putting the record straight for sex workers

THIS POST from Heresy Corner highlights the problems that some sex workers are facing from some (definitely not all) women wearing the feminist label. The point is very well represented in THIS VIDEO. I thought that this may be of interest to some of you because BDSM mistresses, professional disciplinarians, spanking models and performers are legally regarded as sex workers in many countries.

How a guy can earn a spanking or a restraining order
Would be a better title for this clip