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Monthly Archives: September 2010

>Apparently I’m A Woman, What Are You? A Poll


The poll

If you look to your right you will see a poll in the sidebar (just below the “If your not old enough go away” blurb). It is a very simple one about your gender. It is a no names or details poll and I am very grateful to anyone who will help me by participating. The reason for this poll will be explained in the next part of the post, if you choose to read on.

I am a woman and it seems that most of you are too?

The reason that I am conducting this poll is because over the years that this blog has been going I have often gone to those “put your address in here and we will give you your demographics” type websites. They have pretty consistently told me that between 60 and 70 percent of the readers of this blog are female. When I put the addresses of other spanking blogs into the widgets, they tend to give figures that say between 70 and 90 of the readers of those blogs are male. This leads me to one of two possibilities, 1/This blog attracts more female readers than most spanking blogs, or 2/These sites are just buttering me up and giving me figures that they think that I want to see, so that I will feel good about the world and sign up for an account or click on their sponsors link and buy myself something pretty. I really would like to find out which it is and that is why the poll has been put there. It will be their for about a week.

There is another reason that I do not trust these analytical sites and that is because they are often wrong. For example this GENDER ANALYZER tells me that I am a woman.* Well really, are there many more women out there posing as middle aged, single, male spankees (this bit is meant to be read sarcastically by the way) for the purpose of writing a blog? I kind of think that this is not a common thing to happen. So if you will help out by taking part in the poll it would be a great help.


*OK I’ll admit it, my real name is Mandy and I am a 38c 24 36, 5 foot 10 inch tall brunette, with legs up to my armpits, who is poly amorous, single and a total nymphomaniac. So if you too are a good looking lass posing as a single middle aged man, in order to write a spanko blog, why don’t you drop me a line and we can arrange to go shoe shopping or have a semi naked pillow fight or whatever us hot chicks get up to, when the men aren’t looking 🙂

>Do I hear A Spanking?

Ever since I discovered BBC Radio 4, in my early teens, I have been a fan of the spoken word. On long road trips alone I am more likely to be listening to an audio book rather than music. So it brings me a lot of joy that there is a selection of audio based kink resources out there and I thought that I would use this post to point out a few of them. Click on the large yellow lettering for links, if you want to check them out.

A one off from Pandora Blake

Only one short clip so far but an immensely involving one. This is what inspired me to do this post.

The new teacher
(look at the bottom of the post for the clip)

Richard Windsors podcasts

Mr Windsor seems to have gone more towards using video as a medium now but he still has some very worthwhile audio material available.

Richard Windsor in your ears

From The Spanking Writers

A growing series of factual and fictional broadcasts. This is in it’s infancy but is looking very promising.


The Masocast

Although this is more BDSM based than spanko based it is still well worth most peoples time. This guy is a BDSM submissive with a real talent for conducting a spoken interview in a high quality format. I cannot help but wonder if this guy has something to do with audio production in his “vanilla” life, he has such a professional edge. He interviews a large range of kinksters from all interests and tendencies. If you wish to hear about a wide section of lifestyles this is the producer for you.

The Masocast’s sexuality podcasts

If anyone knows of more quality kinky audio available out there, I would love to learn about it. It is always great to have more kinky goodness on my little mp3 player 🙂


>Blog Calendar – October Page


The October Page

The days grow shorter and cooler as Autumn (Fall) takes a grip on the northern hemisphere (Happy Spring to those of you down south) and so it is time for the October edition of the blog calendar. This months page features Amy Hunter and Chelsea Pfeiffer, in a trans Atlantic combination that we are unlikely to see again any time soon. This photo was found on The Spanking Spot.

As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and put it up next to the heating controls, so that everyone can see that there is a much more fun and eco friendly way of warming a back side than destroying the planet with fossil fuels.

If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


>A New Blog For The Rolls – Cause For Paws Walk – Computer Trouble – And I Thought That This Only Happened In Dreams


A new blog for the second roll

Panty Spanking – Is another blog from Richard Windsor featuring females being spanked in knickers or Panties, as the Americans insist on calling them.

The Cause For Paws charity walk

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells and Lily Anna have taken part in the charity walk for Cause For Paws. You can read about Lily Anna’s account
in THIS POST and Ms Wells’ version and the winners of the charity raffle in THIS POST.

Computer problems for Bogey and Bacall

Our Bottoms Burn may suffer reduced posting due to computer problems that you can read about in THIS POST.

I thought that this only happened in fantasies and dreams

Two 18 year old females thrashing each other by the swimming pool with wet towels. I nearly fainted!


>Thought For The Week, Think Again

>All spankees have a love hate relationship with spanking. On one hand it does such amazing things for you and takes your body and mind into dimensions that could otherwise not be reached. On the other hand it bloody well hurts, A LOT! This Thought from August 2009 sums up the apposing factors of being spanked IMHO.

Spanking disagrees with me
but I enjoy the argument


>Office Discipline


The majority of my working has been outside. My limited experience of office life left me with the knowledge that I did not like working indoors, office politics is annoying and the desire to bring a firearm to work started to become disturbing. In short I am a lot healthier, happier and less likely to go on a murderous rampage if I remain working outside. But working at the place in this clip might change my mind.

Office discipline

I wonder if they have bring your own toys Friday?