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>A Goodbyeeee – A New Blog – A Blog Moved – Vote On A Spanking – And The Skateboard Spanks Back


Goodbyeeee Madam Spanks

A bit of a shame but Mitch of All Things Spanking has decided to concentrate on his main blog and is closing down the short lived Madam Spanks. Thanks for this blog and best of luck with the main blog.

A new blog for the second roll

Our Bottoms Burn – I cannot think why this has not been added before. It is a very interesting blog from Bogey and Bacall who are a switching couple, although most of the material, found here, focuses on spankings with a little “f”.

A spanko on the move

Bumtickler seems to have moved back to his old address of but I will keep an eye on what is happening here.

Vote on a blogiversary spanking

Kaelah, who writes on Ludwig’s Rohrstock Palast, has decided to celebrate her first year of writing with a spanking. You can vote on the outfit and implement in THIS POST but be quick, the deadline is Tuesday the 7th of September. All votes will add to the number of strokes/swats delivered, on the final clip.

Spanked by a skateboard

Well this is what happens when your skateboard wants revenge 🙂


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  1. >The move back to blogspot was sort of accidental. I even forget why it came about (and that was only within in the last day), but I'm going to leave it that way I think. I hope no one has trouble finding me if they want me.Thanks for the mention.

  2. >Good luck with going back to Blogger Bumtickler. People should start finding your address soon enough, they just have to add "blogspot" to your last address.Prefectdt

  3. >Thanks a lot for the link to the vote! The poll is now finally closed (we had to use the "golden goal" rule to get a final decision on the outfit) and it seems that I have to face a proper spanking…

  4. >Good luck with the spanking. I'm sure that the clip will turn out fine.Prefectdt


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