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>Steampunk Spanking, Why Not?


Does this image not scream out for a spanking tale?

So what is Steampunk?

For a far better explanation THIS BLOG puts it far more clearly than I ever could. But to put it in it’s simplest terms, Steampunk is science fiction as the Victorians saw it, from such authors as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells and other sources of the period. As a sub culture, it started to become popular in the 1980s and today is still going strong. It’s influence can be seen in many films, the latest Sherlock Holmes film, to name but one. There are Steampunk conventions, music, video representations and I have even found Steampunk influenced Body Painting.

Why should there be Steampunk spanking?

Well Victorian scenarios are a gold mine for spanking scenarios, for commercial clip producers and amateurs alike but they are difficult and expensive to put together, both in terms of costumes and sets and then still are constrictive in the story lines that can be told. Steampunk would allow the development of a Victorian style scenario but because it is a fantasy/sci fi genre there does not have to be too much pedantry over costumes and sets and it would not be tied down to the real history of the Victorian world. A whole world of new story lines are then open to the participants, who no longer have to stay within the confines of punishments dished out in Victorian homes and institutions. With this you can have adventurers caught by the bad guy/gal, rebels against the Dystopia caught and dealt with by the evil authorities and so many other story lines that would just not be possible in another genre. There is so much spanking potential in a Steampunk setting that it makes the mind boggle.

Is Steampunk expensive?

It can be but there is no reason why it has to be. The modification to the computer above cost about 1400 dollars (plus the price of the computer) but that is hand crafted from real brass and actual antique Victorian parts. For the sake of a video shoot, sets could be made from MDF, cut out by a guy who is good with power tools and painted with a few cans of Brass, Bronze, Black and Wood coloured paint. As for costumes and other details they can be done on a very tight budget. For example here are two bits of costume advice HERE and HERE. This painted up Nerf gun is a good example of a prop that only cost a few Dollars/Euros/Pounds. And the make up for women does not look too difficult, as can be seen HERE and HERE. If care is taken Steampunk can be done on a shoe string budget.

Shall I do it?

Well I don’t know if I will ever take part in a Steampunk spanking scenario but I have decided to put a costume together, just in case the opportunity should ever arise. I do not have much cash to devote to this, so it might take me some time to do but I am pretty determined to complete this project. I may report on it on the blog from time to time. I wonder if there are some Steampunk spankos out there already?

Just as a side note I think that although I have never heard of any Steampunk kinksters yet, there is definitely some sex related things going on in the Steampunk world. In the photo above, take a close look at the barrel of this lady’s lazer pistol.

A Clip of some Steampunks talking about the costumes an culture

If you want to find out more about Steampunk try the link to this very informative blog

The Steam Punk Tribune

And just one last thing

Don’t forget the goggles, for Steampunk there has to be goggles.


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  1. >The pictures look really great and I like the idea of a Steampunk scenario. But I think it would require a lot of work and preparation (for the props, writing a good storyline…). I'm curious to see your outfit once it is complete. Maybe you could post a picture of the items one day?

  2. >It would take a lot of work but on the other hand it could be dome on a tight budget and almost any abandoned factory, empty old looking house or many outdoor sites (when it is quiet enough) could be used for a set.The outfit might take some time as I have virtually no budget to dedicate to it, at the moment, so I might try to knock together a prototype outfit, for now, from what I can beg, steal and borrow. But I will try to post anything that I come up with.Prefectdt


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