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>Victorian Spanking And Some Such Wicked Sick Stuff Like That

>I have been watching some comedy clips on YouTube (I will put an example at the end of the post) From two guys called Armstrong and Miller about two World War II fighter pilots who talk and act like modern day youths (or at least how a middle aged guy, like me, perceives youths of today), even though everyone else concerned in the sketches act as people of that period would have acted so I thought that I would try that idea with a Victorian style spanking scene. Please imagine that the male in these images is talking as a Victorian gent would have but the two girls concerned are talking in a bit more up to date style. My thanks and apologies to Firm Hand Spanking for these images.

A Random To The Max Victorian Spanking

Him – It is time that I raised your moral standards with that tawsing that you both deserve.
AJR – No way blood, I dun spanking already today, my bums all red and stuff
Niki Flynn – Yea and I did spanking twice yesterday, an’ I got a note and shit

Him – That’s enough of your nonsense. You will obey me at once.
Niki Flynn – But that’s well random cause you know you yea, you never get spanked and stuff, only us women and that’s like racism but against girls or stuff like that.
AJR – Isn’t it tho’.

Niki Flynn – An’ you ain’t not can’t do that spanking shit like, what do you think this is, Victorian England.
Him – But this is Victorian England, so I can.
AJR – Harsh
Niki Flynn – Random

Niki Flynn – AAARG! blood
AJR – Massively unfair OUCH!

This post was inspired by clips like this


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  1. >I love that Armstrong and Miller sketch- really makes me howl.And that is the prettiest Victorian scene ever- those dresses are just beautiful.

  2. >I did not discover these until recently Poppy but I have been watching every sketch of this kind that I can find on YouTube. I have to join Firm Hand one day, even if only to see this Victorian scene in it's entirety.Prefectdt

  3. >Armstrong and Miller are very funny indeed. I got the DVD with the first season of their show as a present a while ago (my friends know that I'm very much into British comedy). The World War II airmen sketches are great and I also love for example their "Divorced Dad" sketches. Your adaptation of their style for that beautiful Victorian spanking film is well done! And somehow I can even imagine Niki Flynn and Amelia-Jane Rutherford talking like that… 😉

  4. >I think that that pair could have pulled off something like this, it would have been fun to see them try :)I don't get much time to watch TV but I think that I with be searching for more Armstrong and Miller on YouTube.Prefectdt

  5. >I love those photo's of those naughty Victorian ladies getting spanked. Those were such beautiful nostalgic times, when men looked after their naughty ladies bare bottoms, the 'old fashioned way', Namely given their bare bottoms a good spanking by way of the birchrod, cane, or whip.


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