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>A Blog Moved – A Sad Day For Spankedhortic Because Of Spammers – Pirates Beware – And Caught In The Act


Moving A Blog

Over Her Knee has been inactive for six months now. This blog has had extended periods of inactivity before. So it has been decided that instead of removing it completely, it will go onto the dormant blogs list, way down low in the side bar.

It Annoys me but…..

After more than three years of having open and free comments boxes on this blog (that I was a bit proud of) the continuing spam attacks have forced me to initiate word verification for comments. I simply do not have the time to spend hours and hours every week removing unwanted spam comments, as recent spam attacks have forced me to do. My apologies to all, I would have much rather not have been forced to do this

Pirates Beware

This is obviously not the end of problems faced by internet material producers but it is a good sign that Pirates are not bullet proof. A pan European investigation and raids have caught many involved in internet pirating this week, especially here in Belgium. Servers have been ceased and operations shut down. This may not effect the producers of BDSM and spanking material much, at the moment but it does send out the message that there is ongoing protection efforts for copyrighted materials. You can read more HERE.

What do you do if you are caught in the act?

This is an Armstrong and Miller sketch that I found that has a nice BDSMy feel to it and is a good laugh.


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  1. >That was a great clip. Talk about gullible husbands. Too bad about the spammers. I know you have been inundated with them, because I get the spam in emailed comments from your blog. How annoying for you!You could always moderate comments on posts older than xx days. That might be a viable alternative, or at least worth a try. The spam I got from you was always on a 2009 post.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >I also link to 'Over Her Knee', and I'm sorry to see that even by its own standards it hasn't been updated for so long. I think it's a testament to the blog's popularity that it's still attracting comments after so many months of inactivity. CJ (the site owner) was one of the first to publish my work, and I was very grateful to him. We exchanged emails fairly regularly – he always came across as a real gentleman.I guess it's one of the down sides of the internet that people you form a connection with (however tenuous) can suddenly disappear without trace, and you're left wondering what happened to them!

  3. >Hermione – Most of the spam was on older posts but it had also started to appear on more recent posts but I was able to react to that pretty fast. I think that I will try the word verification, for now, as it seems to be what most bloggers are using. I will keep the comment moderation for a back up, if the verification does not work.Underling – Over My Knee has been going far longer than this blog has but twice in the past it has closed down operations for many months, only to reappear again. I am hoping that it will be posted on again some time in the future. It seems to be the normal thing for that blog.Prefectdt

  4. >Good clip Prefectdt, thanks for the laugh.Sorry about the spammers and I hope the word verification works.Love,Ronniexx

  5. >Glad You liked it Ronnie. The verification seems to be working so far.Prefectdt


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