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>Posting Resumes – A Goodbyeeee – LOL Day V – A Caption Competition – And Quick Entertainment For Busy Kinksters


Spankedhortic back up and fighting

I don’t like to go on about it much because I might not be able to stop whining about it if I do apart from regular blood tests and medication I can live a pretty normal life but I do suffer from a genetic blood condition (as in you have to be born with it, you cannot catch it). Most of the time it is not a problem but as happened last week, it does sometimes rear up and bite me in the ass, so I may sometimes have to take an unexpected break from blogging. I am trying to get back to normal now and so posting should resume on this blog. I have not been able to get around the blogs much, this week, so this Roundup is a bit of a scratch effort. If I have missed anything of importance please accept my apologies for that.

Goodbyeeee Bumtickler

Bumtickler was a nice eclectic blog that presented much entertainment by way of pictures videos and little musings. This blog has now been deleted and so we wish it a fond fare well from the blog roll. Thanks and good luck for future endeavors.

LOL day V

Bonnie, of My Bottom Smarts, has announced that LOL day five will be on the 21st of October. For more details see this post My Bottom Smarts: Announcement: LOL V Scheduled for Oct 21.

A caption competition

Dave at The Cherry Red Report has posted a caption competition for this cleverly photoshoped image. If you want to take part follow this link The Cherry Red Report » Star Trek Cherry Red Caption Caption Contest!.

Entertainment for busy kinksters

With living double lives, blogging/reading blogs and other concerns kinksters are often pressed for time but damn it, we deserve the same entertainment as vanillas. Well 5 second films have come to our rescue. With credits and clicking in and out of their clips, you will be able to get your daily entertainment fix in about 10 seconds, leaving plenty of time for kinky activities. Here is one of their films.


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  1. >Welcome back, dear friend. I'm glad you're feeling better.Just so you know, Bumtickler has been reincarnated as Pat my Bottom (it's on Bonnie's blogroll.)LOL day should be a lot of fun this year.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Thanks Hermione, it is nice to be back.I did get an email from Pat/Bumt' saying so but I did not know if he was keeping the two identities separate or not and so did not like to say so in the post.Enjoy LOL day.Prefectdt


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