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>MEEP! MEEP! A Spanking Toon


As a child, I loved Warner Brothers cartoons and the amazing gadgets that could be ordered from the ACME company, in the Roadrunner cartoons, were always impressive.

Wile E. Coyote gets it good


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  1. >Ha! I must have missed this episode, for surely I'd remember something like that on one of my favorite cartoons. ;)Nice find!

  2. >Me too, I must have missed that episode, I loved the Roadrunner.Thanks Prefectdt.Love,Ronniexx

  3. >I think Prefectdt has been taking liberties at the drawing board, but maybe ACME did have something like this available.Hugs,hermione

  4. >Hi all. I am afraid that this image came from one of those searches where the website redirects to a naked chat room website, as soon as you try to access it. Unfortunately something that is happening more and more on Google's image search. Because of that I do not know where this drawing originates from or who it is by but I think it is a modern creation and not from one of the original cartoons. It would not have looked out of place in one of the old cartoons though :)Prefectdt


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