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Daily Archives: November 11, 2010

>Armistice Day/Remembrance Sunday – And Thought For The Week


Support the veterans, past and present

Spare a bit of money for those that sacrifice so much to keep us safe

In past years I have made this post on Remembrance Sunday but as Armistice Day and Veterans Day come before that this year, I thought that it would be more appropriate to do it today. This post focuses on the work of the Royal British Legion but there are many organizations around the world also doing similar work and may be more appropriate for the country that you are living in. Ones that I know of are listed below, if you know of more please put them in the comment box and I will add them to the post.

THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION / La Légion royale canadienne
Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veteran’s Association – APPVA
Support Our Troops
Maine Troop Greeters
Soldiers’ Angels – Soldiers’ Angels
Help for Heroes

The poppy appeal 2010 – Where does the money go?

There are a lot of people helped by The Royal British Legion. Here are just two examples.

About Hester

Hester Wright, 22, lost her husband, Drummer Damian Wright in an improvised explosion in Afghanistan in 2007, and has been assisted financially by the Legion.

Hester was one of the first to receive the Elizabeth Cross, which honours relatives of those who have been killed on active service, and she helped launch the Legion’s Poppy Appeal in 2009.

“Nothing can replace Damian, but knowing the Legion is there to offer comfort and support has been a great help. I don’t know what I would have done without their assistance. You don’t expect to lose your husband at 20 and be left as a single mum. The Legion has helped me to come to terms with Damian’s death.”

About Simon

So put your hand in your pocket

There are many ways to donate, for those associated with countries other than the UK find your local organizations and see what they need. But for those for whom the The Poppy Appeal is appropriate you can simply buy a poppy, treat yourself to something nice or if cash is short (times are hard) you could always donate a little time. Whatever you do, please do something.

For those that do not come back

Help can be given to their families but they themselves are beyond help and today and Sunday are also times to remember them and recognize the value of their sacrifice.

Thought for the week

There will be no post tomorrow, so TFTD is being posted today

Spankos, BDSMers and consenting adult kinksters of all kinds, have a long hard road to travel, to get recognition of our rights to play and live our lives in the way we wish, without persecution.
We can campaign, fight in the courts and speak out to get those rights.
But we must never forget those that make the sacrifice, to keep that right of free speech,
without them we would never have a chance.