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Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

>A Blog Merit Certificate – Two New Blogs – And What Would Kermit Say?

I have been very busy this week, so if I have missed any important news from the blogs, in the blog rolls here, please accept my apologies and inform me in the comments box and I will consider adding things to this post.

A Blog Merit Certificate for Ma’am Yes Ma’am

Ma’am Yes Ma’am is one of the most frequently updated and interesting F/m blogs on the second blog roll. Dr Malford (my non existent Head Mistress) considers it a very worthy blog and has instructed me to issue it with a certificate and move it up to the first blog roll.

Two new blogs for the second roll

jpcolorgallery – I cannot think why this blog has not been rolled before. The illustrations are very noteworthy and I have been enjoying following it for ages. It is in French and so if you cannot read French you may want to use a translator when visiting this blog.

Erica Scott: Life, Love & Spanking – This is the blog of a very well known American spanking model with an incredible talent for critical wit.

What would Kermit say?

What have the Muppets been up to since the end of the Muppet show?