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I have a question

This post is for all you adult boys and girls out there that like to enact school room scenarios. If you find your self in a class room setting and you are not getting the whackings that you think you deserve or your classmates are thinking that you are a teachers pet, you could try asking one of these questions.

1/ Please Miss. Can I smoke my pipe in here?

2/ Please miss. I have been staring at Sarah and have gotten a massive trouser tent. Can I go to the bathroom?

3/ Please Miss. I seem to have forgotten my gun and hit list. Can I go to my locker for them?

4/ Please Miss. Is it true that you are hot for boys in school uniform?

5/ Please Miss. Can you teach topless today?

6/ Please Miss. Is that just a nasty zit or do you have Herpes?

7/ Please Miss. Can you wake me up at the end of the lesson?

8/ Please Miss. If quizzes are quizzical, then what are tests?

9/ Please Miss. Why do we have to learn maths’, instead of using a calculator, like you have to?

10/ Please Miss. Are you wearing that for a bet?


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  1. >Haha, then what are tests called? I had not heard that one.Thanks for the laugh, Prefectdt!Hugs,Pink

  2. >Please, Sir, are you always this dull or this is a special day for you?Please, Sir, could you speak faster? I have somewhere else to be.

  3. >Laughing in class Pink? :)St.Vincent, report to Mr O'Niell's study, at once.Prefectdt

  4. >Those are funny! Thanks for the laugh, just when I needed one!I suppose to be politically correct, it should be "Please, Ms…"Hugs,Hermione

  5. >In English schools we where made to call all female teachers Miss, married or not, Hermione. It was just regarded as the female version of sir. I think that you are right though, it would have been better to use Ms. Glad that you had a giggle.Prefectdt


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