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Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

>A Looky Likey Kinkster? What’s Your Opinion?

I am not a monarchist or a supporter of royalty but I like to think that I am big enough to wish any couple well when they plan to spend their lives together. So good luck to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their planned wedding. But something about Ms Middleton did catch my eye. It would take a wig or a bottle of hair dye but otherwise it does seem to me that Amelia Jane Rutherford bares a striking facial resemblance to the future Royal to be.

Compare faces on these photographs and see what you think
(right click and open in a new tab to enlarge)

Perhaps I need an eye test or perhaps Ms Rutherford can start a lucrative sideline as a look a like, opening fates and things like that. You never know, someone might want to make a film about the Royal couple one day and well, AJR does have a lot of on screen experience 🙂

Some of the photographs courtesy of Ariel Anderssen, Amelia Jane Rutherford blog and Spanked Call Girls.