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>Warning! – A New Blog For The Rolls – Someone Is Back – End Of The Universe – And Spanking Not Necessary



Richard Windsor has had some of his Google accounts deleted, you can read more in this post And Disaster Has Struck!. It is hard to tell if this is the start of another Google Witch Hunt or just a one off incident but anyone on a blogger account might be interested in the tips from Dante in this post A Few Tips & Tricks You Might Like.

A new blog for the second roll

Accountomax’s House – This is a picture based F/m blog that supplies a regular fix for those that like to see some man correcting fun.

Hiatus over

Spanking My Husband is back from hiatus for those of you that enjoy seeing and reading about Evan getting his just desserts (lucky man).

The end of The Universe

The Spanking Universe has ceased operations as a guide to the latest spanking blog updates. This was a valiant effort from Richard Windsor but was crippled by technical difficulties. Thanks for the effort, perhaps future software availability will make something like this a viable entity in years to come.

No spanking needed

The uber brattings of PrankvsPrank are legendary on YouTube but this bit of pranking carried it’s own punishment and required no further action.


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  1. >Too bad about Richard and Spanking Universe, but my blog rarely got updated there. It usually showed a post over a week old, so I got little traffic from it. Thomas(Spanking Network) had his Google account deleted too, so i guess posting spanking pics there isn't a great idea.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >The first version worked great Hermione,before it was deleted, the second version wasn't nearly so good.I get very worried about Google blogger but I cannot afford my own domain and WordPress is just so annoying to use.Prefectdt


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