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>"Spec"tacular Spankings

>As I put this post together, for a scheduled posting for tomorrow, it is after 10 pm, I have not long come home, am still in my working clothes, tired, dirty and no chance of cleaning up until after the dog is walked (and it won’t stop raining). The only thing that can put a smile on my face at times like this is the thought of women involved in spanking whilst wearing sexy specs 🙂

First two from Spanked, not Silenced

A nice officy vintage one from Panty Spanking

And to finish a couple from The Spanking Spot

Enjoy, Prefectdt

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  1. >Good pics, hope you managed to get cleaned up and warm before bedtime…. I know how you feel, I have to walk my dog too, before bed, no matter what time I get home! xxx

  2. >You worked late Prefectdt. Love the pictures.Love,Ronniexx

  3. >Nice pics… did you notice most of the girls have glasses on?:)~Todd and Suzy

  4. >Daisychain – After another soaking out with the dog, I had a nice hot bath :)Ronnie – It is a bit hard to work late, in my line of work, at this time of year Ronnie (it's too dark too early). I had other commitments, mostly medical (poked and prodded again).Todd and Suzy – Really! I never noticed :)Nice to see that you all liked the pictures.Prefectdt

  5. >If you lived in our part of the world, there would be no more gardening activities at this time of year, except for cleanup and raking. Our dogs tend to get the urge to go out in the middle of the night, and we don't dare say "No."Hugs,Hermione

  6. >I beg to differ Hermione. Tree felling, snow management, Canada is world famous for it's commercial, winter, glass house production and a hell of a lot of other stuff that goes on throughout the winter. Hortics and pro Gardeners are very busy during the winter, even in your part of the world. It just tends to be the case that there are very few people outside to see them getting on with it.I get the midnight wake ups as well but I do not like making my dog sleep outside at this time of year, he is just getting too old.Prefectdt


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