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Daily Archives: November 25, 2010

>Love It Or Hate It, Happy Thanksgiving

>I like the idea of having a day to think about what you are thankful for, even though it is an event unknown on this side of the pond, I am sent cold by the lionization of the people who originated it, The Puritans. These where an intolerant religious extremist group that may have only gone in for violent oppression of other religious factions and attempted genocide, on the American continent but here in Europe practiced and were proud of organized mass murder (by the thousands) of men, women and children. So it sends me a little cold when I see them portrayed as poor oppressed simple folk in a “Hollywood” version of history. This leaves me in two minds about Thanksgiving. It is a lovely idea but it’s origins are sickening.

So for this Thanksgiving I would like to say that I am thankful that the Puritans are gone from the world.

For those of you in the USA have a great Turkey Day