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>A Spanko On The Move – The Universe Not Dead Yet – Things From A Couple Of Blogs – And A Weird American Spanking


A spanko on the move

The Pink Report has moved to a new WordPress address, which is

The Spanking Universe is back (sort of)

Despite my report of it’s demise, The Spanking Universe is updating again, although intermittently. I am not sure what is going on with it but a link to it will be put back onto the side bar of this blog while we see what happens.

A couple of things

This is not the kind of thing that the Blog Stuff Roundup usually contains but as there is not much else to report on this week I thought it would be good to put a pointer to a couple of posts in other blogs.

Pandora Blake has a post about an adventure that she is embarking on, that does sound rather interesting. You can read about it through this link Off to Finishing School.

Veronica has a poll about spankee reactions going on. The poll is in the sidebar of her blog and you can read about it in this post Vote! Vote! Vote!.

Is this an American Tradition?

I had not heard of this before but the day after Thanksgiving a number of clips started appearing on YouTube with this theme. One has to wonder is this a tradition, that has been going on for some time or is it a new thing that people like to make videos about?

Poor Turkey


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  1. >I've had some unexpected hits from the SU. I assumed it was dead too. Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Yes I have too Hermione. It's strange, I checked it a few times, the list was gone and a statement at the top said 0 of 0 updates and then all of a sudden it's back.Prefectdt

  3. >I have never encountered anything remotely similar to the "Spanking of the Turkey" in all of my American Thanksgiving travels. Although, they seem like a fun bunch who I'd like to have dinner with!Thanks for the "spanko on the move" update! :)Hugs,Pink

  4. >Hope that you are settling in well at WordPress Pink.There were a few Turkey spanking videos, on YouTube, the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps the start of a new tradition?Prefectd


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